Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cinematic Survey: A Journey Through the Movies in My Collection

I had a slow start getting into movies. The first film I saw in the theater was a special re-release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs when I was six. Prior to that, I can remember watching The Wizard of Oz on television (I hated it) and The Sound of Music on video at my grandparents’ house (I loved it). My family didn’t own a VCR until my freshman year of high school, so up until then, I didn’t own many movies. I think the first video that was solely mine (as opposed to a “family” movie) was While You Were Sleeping, which to this day is still my favorite film. Prior to purchasing my first dvd player in 2004, I owned maybe six or seven movies on VHS. But with the purchase of that dvd player, and my subsequent college graduation and first “real” job (which ended my “I’m a poor college student” mindset), I began buying dvds. My first was You’ve Got Mail. Then a friend gave me Win A Date With Tad Hamilton. Then I bought the first season of Gilmore Girls. Initially, I limited myself to one dvd a month. But as dvd prices dropped, the frequency with which I bought movies increased. I became a huge fan of the $5.50 bin at Walmart and rejoiced when they dropped the price to $5. I shopped’s sales. And I loved Black Friday sales, where movies were as low as $2 and TV seasons could be found for $10 or $15.

As of today, I have 162 movies and 39 TV seasons on dvd. Those figures are nearly unbelievable. If I spent two hours watching a movie or TV show each night, I couldn’t make it through everything in a year! So I decided to try a little experiment. It will take months, maybe even years. I’m going to watch each movie in my collection, in alphabetical order, and write about it. I’ll talk about why I bought the movie in the first place, my reaction after seeing it again, and I’ll decide whether to keep the dvd or try to sell it. I won't try to keep my reviews spoiler free; if you haven't seen the movie and don't want to know what happens, then don't read the post! In the event that I get a new movie while I'm on this adventure (which will undoubtedly happen), I'll review it when I get to it in the rotation. If I've already passed its spot in the alphabet, then I'll watch and review it before moving on to the next film in line.

So join me in my journey through my dvd collection . . .


  1. hey, i'm just starting to read these (i'm so behind on my blog reading - AND writing!). just an idea for feedback. remember the option to add 3 boxes where people can respond with a check mark? what about letting your readers mark if they like the movie, dislike the movie, or haven't seen it. ??

  2. Thanks for the idea! I think I'll use it :-)


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